Who, what, where

MAN’edged magazine recently visited the Art of Denim event that was hosted by Michael Williams of the Continuous Lean and Jean Shop owner Eric Goldstein. This intimate yet interactive cocktail event took place in Club Monaco at 160 Fifth Avenue in NYC and was highly informative.

The convo

Williams and Goldstein hosted the conversation about denim and shared various personal tips before opening general questions to the audience. People in attendance varied from industry experts like GQ editors, Men’s Health Creative Directors, bloggers, and more. The conversation ranged from denim superstitions, care tips, and hilarious stories about how far people have gone in their attempts to care for their jeans. Yes, some people have slept in their jeans so that they better form to their body. #nojudgement

The event

Once the Art of Denim conversation finished, attendees were able to enjoy cocktails and mingle. Club Monaco also featured  custom denim distressing by Jean Shop, denim repairs, fit consultations, and light grooming services by Persons of Interest. Be sure to check out our up close and personal look at denim distressing on the MAN’edged Instagram.

Denim laundering

Cold wash, hang dry. We could not agree more with Williams and Goldstein when it comes to the care tips of denim. The biggest tip: cold wash and hang dry. Guys, we get it. Tossing your denim in the dryer is not only quick, but gets us out of a bind when left with only one pair of jeans. But by applying such rough heat to your denim, you are essentially breaking down the fibers of the fabric more quickly.

Should I wash my jeans after every wear

According to these experts, washing your denim should be kept to a minimum. In fact, some guys wait six months before ever putting their jeans into the wash. The reason to wait is that after some time passes, denim tends to  gain character through natural color distressing, which might not happen if quickly placed into the wash cycle. At MAN’edged, we agree that washing should be kept a to a minimum. But we also believe in hygiene. If you do need to wash after every wear, just don’t tumble dry high.

The wrap up

MAN’edged magazine wants to thank Club Monaco, Michael Williams, and Eric Goldstein for such a great event. It was welcoming, interactive and most importantly, it was highly informative!

Be sure to check out Michael’s blog The Continuous Lean here and learn more about Eric Goldstein’s Jean shop by checking out our store visit here. Job well done guys!


Have you already made the mistake of quickly wearing down your denim jeans? Do you have any denim care tips of your own? Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram . Or better yet, drop a comment below and let’s get the conversation going.

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