The Axe White Label Collective NYFW Event

Q: What do you get when you mix an award-winning musician like John Legend, a noted menswear designer named Billy Reid and the creativity of Esquire magazine?

A: The Axe White Label Collective.

The scoop

With the support of Esquire, Axe White label teamed up with Mr. Legend (yes, the Grammy award-winning artist whose songs are often played when romancing) and leading menswear designer Billy Reid to mentor several designers. Applications were accepted in May and only 5 lucky designers were chosen. Once selected, the designers were guided by industry experts like Esquire’s Nick Sullivan, who gave them the opportunity to showcase their work during New York Fashion Week while also having their work spread out in the pages of Esquire magazine.

The event

MAN’edged magazine stopped by this exclusive event held at POP 14 in Manhattan. The celebration drew an eclectic crowd ranging from celebrities, fashion fanatics, and professional athletes like New York Giants Andre Williams (who also has an awesome sneaker collection debuting this season). The venue was jammed packed with music, dancing, hors d’oeuvres and, of course, fashion.

The designers

Check out our coverage of this event below and be sure to follow these talented designers.

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Photo source courtesy of Amy Torres @treeeyes

Axe White label not longer just a deodorant brand  

Axe is no longer just a body spray or shower gel that we use post workout. Axe White Label has been creative in their approach to further their brand presence. In addition to their usual product selections, the brand has launched various campaigns to create a name in the fashion world. In fact, MAN’ Editor-in-Chief Michael William G. was spotted by the brand during the Men’s New York Fashion Week in July.



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