What is this #NYFWM hashtag?

Meet NYFWM, the new hashtag that has been creeping into your feed

Who else feels that there are a million abbreviations taking over social media?

With hashtags on Instagram, abbreviated text on Twitter, and god knows what on Snapchat, sometimes we run into abbreviations that look like they’ve been created while under the influence (#nojudgement.

We wanted to help our readers out and make sure you all knew what one of the latest stands for.

So, like what’s #NYFWM ?

This one is a breeze.

It stands for:

New York Fashion Week Mens.

When NY fashion week launched only a couple years ago, the powers that be, dubbed the whole event under the hashtag #NYFWM.

I thought “NYSFW” meant there’s a good nude pic coming

Easy there, buddy.

You’re thinking about NSFW.

NSFW stands for: Not Safe For Work and is usually accompanied by a visual aid (insert visual image of your choice).

NSFW and NYFWM are two completely different things, so if you see the letters NYFWM pop up and your boss walks by, do not panic.

They just might congratulate you on taking some time to reflect on the latest fashions.