Tips for Converting Your Attic Into a Bedroom

Tips for Converting Your Attic Into a Bedroom

A lot of homes have an attic. Attics are typically pretty useless for most homes and traditional uses. They’re wasted space beaming with potential. If you’re looking for a fun DIY project or want a little extra space in your home without paying for an entire room addition construction project, explore these tips for converting your attic into a bedroom.

Create a Window

Every bedroom needs a window, even an attic bedroom. Un-slanted walls are typically easier to install windows in. There are plenty of instructional articles to show you how to properly install a window.

For the advanced DIYers: Consider putting in a skylight or two on each side of the roof in your attic. This provides adequate lighting and a really cool place to watch rain, snow, and other weather.

Lay Flooring

Plenty of attics don’t have a floor. Many are simply beams and insulation. This means you need to be extremely careful where you step while you’re working in the attic before you’ve installed a complete floor. Laying a floor can be as easy or as difficult as you want, depending on the flooring you choose.

For the advanced DIYers: Think about the benefits of laying an attractive black mosaic tile in your attic bedroom. This makes it look awesome and keeps the room easy to clean. Laying tile can be a challenge, so make sure you’re ready for the task!

Finish the Walls

This step is a perfect project for a new DIYer. Finishing walls will take some dry wall, patience, and paint. Most attics have insulation and beams already installed and simply need some drywall attached.

For the advanced DIYers: Consider adding baseboards and trim on the part of the wall that connects to the ceiling for a more completed look.

There are plenty of other tips for converting your attic into a bedroom. If you’re a new DIYer or want a second opinion on how to complete some of the work involved, consult your local handyman or a professional contractor for help and advice. Most importantly, be patient with yourself and your progress. Every renovation takes time.