The daily weather battle

It’s happened to all of us. We have no jacket and have to face the rain that magically appeared after walking into Duane Reade for 5 minutes. Today’s weather can seem unpredictable and can catch us off guard. How do you prepare for the daily weather battle?

What should I be wearing?

You could always reach for the same old down jacket that you wore during the winter season, but you can also opt for a lightweight jacket that adds a sleek look to your ensemble.

What does “sleek” mean?

When we say the word “sleek” we mean minimalistic. When you rock a huge puff coat, it takes away from the overall “look” of your outfit. Obviously, in the middle of a polar vortex it makes complete sense, but when it’s July and you’re wearing a parka, it just seems a bit odd. Opt for a sleek or minimalistic jacket instead.

It’s all about the lightweight jacket

One of our favorite lightweight jackets is this piece here by Zara. Notice all the great details, but more importantly notice the fabric. The fabric color is dark, which allows this piece to play well with other pieces you own. The fabric weight is also extremely light, making it the perfect piece to pack into your bag. All the hardware and sleek silhouette makes this the perfect type of jacket to wear when it suddenly starts to rain as you step foot out the door.

Michael William G.


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