Think you know all about the gym short?

The gym short is taking on a life of its own! You probably know about some gym shorts, but now you might wear them outside the gym.

Then what’s this all about?

What we have observed is a casual short that is inspired by gym wear (gasp). A type of short that is a little more fashionable and meant to be worn outside the gym versus during mid-squat. One of our favorites are the Schwort by Chubbies.

Does that mean my gym shorts are “bad”?

No, your gym shorts are not bad. Yes, a new trend of gym short will dominate the store shelves. By now, they probably do. The traditional gym short is still going to be around because of its purpose and functionality.

How to wear

Our instincts are telling us that this casual gym short is going to be worn as just that; as casual wear. Think running errands during the summer or to brunch if that’s more your style.

Rock with a loose fitting tee (check out our other Trendcast report on letting loose) and kicks (we might also want to shamelessly plug our new favorite type of shoe).

Of course you can wear them to the gym too, but there’s just something about a soft as butter-like fleece wrapped around our thighs that sounds like a piece of heaven.

Seriously, whether running errands, wearing post workout or sitting at home because the bills just got paid, we think you’ll enjoy that little slice of heaven!

Michael William G.

Already sporting this look?

What do you think of this trend? Are you already rocking it? Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram or better yet, drop a comment below. Show how you are already rocking this look.

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Photo source courtesy of Chubbies