8 Biggest Men’s Style Mistakes

8 Biggest Men's Style Mistakes

Here are some men’s style tips to get you looking and feeling you best right now.

You want to look your best, right? Of course you do!

Dressing well makes you feel incredible, confident, and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

8 Biggest Men’s Style Mistakes

However, we see way too many guys missing the mark because they’re making one or more of these biggest men’s style mistakes.

Keep reading to make sure you’re not one of those guys.

Not Matching Your Leathers

The first mistake guys make is not matching up their leathers.

If you’re rocking brown dress shoes, your belt should be the same shade of brown—not black, or any other color.

8 Biggest Men’s Style Mistakes

This applies to materials and leather finish.

If those same shoes are formal and shiny, your belt should be, too. In other words, don’t mix colors or textures when it comes to leathers.

Not Buttoning Your Suit Jacket the Right Way

A giant pet peeve is when guys button their suit, blazer, or sports jacket wrong.

8 Biggest Men’s Style Mistakes

Two-Button Jacket Rule

If you have a two-button jacket, button only the top button when you’re standing.

Three-Button Jacket Rule

If you have a three-button jacket, here’s the correct way to button it: sometimes the top, always the middle, and never the bottom.

Fit Is King

Too often, guys wear clothes that don’t fit them. Regardless if you’re wearing a suit, sweater, t-shirt, slacks, jeans, or shorts—the fit matters!

8 Biggest Men’s Style Mistakes

Your clothes should gently drape over your body—you shouldn’t be swimming in them. You also shouldn’t look like your shirt is cutting off circulation.

Not Wearing a Tie That Matches Your Outfit

For those who wear a suit and tie, you know how good it feels to rock a good suit. Just don’t embarrass yourself by wearing a tie that doesn’t go with your outfit.

It’s okay if you need a refresher—that’s why we’re here! Check out this guide to matching your tie with your outfit.

Dress Your Age

Don’t be that twenty-something-year-old who still wears Star Wars shirts. Seriously, guys, it’s not a great look when you’re older.

Think about your dad wearing jean shorts and a Hollister t-shirt—uncomfortable, right? We’re not going to lie; that’s kind of how you look.

Wearing Too Many Accessories

Dressing simple with a few accessories looks great—and intentional. It’s much better to wear two or three accessories than ten or twelve.

Excessive accessories look messy, childish, and like you’re trying too hard.

Wearing Ripped Jeans

8 Biggest Men’s Style Mistakes

We’ll probably get some heat on this one, but we’re calling it how we set it.

We get it—you enjoy your ripped jeans because they look “edgy.” But really, they look messy. If you really don’t want to give your ripped jeans up, help us help you, and tone the rips down a little.

There’s a time and a place for them, man.

Focusing Too Much on Trends

Trends are never a good idea to follow because it means you’ll be outdated before you know it. Instead, shoot for timeless pieces that will work with anything. You’ll thank us later for saving your style and your wallet.

Now that you know the biggest men’s style mistakes, you can knock it off and get back to being the stylish guy you are. Get out there and turn heads!

8 Biggest Men’s Style Mistakes