How to make your style better – here’s how

As some of you know, men’s fashion week in New York City just ended.

Let’s be honest, it’s a jam packed month filled with various menswear events like fashion and trade shows.

You might be thinking,

“Men’s Fashion Week doesn’t pay the bills, so why should I care?”

After all, we’re all chasing our dreams, right?  

But, before you knock the media spectacle that has become a world famous hashtag (ahem, read about #NYFWM here), you might be missing an opportunity to evolve your personal style.

Model walking in Feng Chen Wang New York Men's Fashion Show.

Model wearing a plaid hooded shirt, denim jacket, and bold colored pants in Feng Chen Wang’s New York Fashion Show.

Before we dive into what we can learn about from men’s fashion week, check out what industry experts are seeing firsthand in our coverage of the world famous Liberty Fairs tradeshow.

You might also enjoy taking a look at the launch of men’s fashion week by clicking here.

Now, back to learning about how to make your style better

Typically, when it’s New York Men’s fashion week, we attend a ton of events here at MAN’edged Magazine.

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