Legendary actor and the world’s 8,507 most interesting man, Luis Guzman, talks style

Here’s what Luis Guzman had to say when it comes to men’s style

MAN’edged Mag: What do you like to wear?

Guzman: I love wearing Indian cotton t-shirts. They’re nice and soft.

MAN’edged Mag: We all love a good t-shirt.

Guzman: I like wearing loose fitted shirts like this one (Luis was wearing a handsome yet casual woven shirt). I love Diesel jeans.

MAN’edged Mag: Do you have a favorite place to shop? Some people dig Bloomingdales, other’s like mom and pop types of stores…

Guzman: I kind of dig mom and pops shops. I actually like going to the swap meet in Pasadena. I like to shop in those kinds of places because you find many cool unique things. You know, I’m a huge collector of t-shirts?

MAN’edged Mag: What type of t-shirts do you like most?

Guzman: Anything from a random quote to certain art. Pretty much random stuff, people’s faces, impressions. I find those very interesting.

MAN’edged Mag: How big is this collection?

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