Here’s the cocktail recipe that’ll make you look like a cocktail connoisseur: meet the Southern Buck

Get ready to sip on a great tasting cocktail called the Southern Buck.

Welcome to Part 6 of our weekly whiskey cocktail recipe guide

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Figuring out what type of cocktail to mix can be a bit intimidating for any guy out there.

Today, we’re featuring a really easy-to-make drink called the Southern Buck. It’s easy to make and will have the good times rolling within minutes.

The best part?

It literally only requires three ingredients.

What you need for the Southern Buck

MAN'edged Magazine Recipe card featuring the Southern Buck Cocktail

Here’s what to do

The first step is to fill a glass with several ice cubes. We highly suggest using ice cubes for this cocktail versus crushed ice as to not dilute the drink so quickly.

Second, add the whiskey.

Third, top with said ginger beer.

Lastly, stir (4 rotations), add a straw and garnish with a fresh slice of peach.



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