How You Can Improve Your Personal Style While Staying at Home

How You Can Improve Your Personal Style at Home

Do it for yourself, man

Being stuck inside for the next few months will no doubt bring out the cabin fever.

There are a few things you can do during this time to come out looking better than ever before, especially when it comes to your style. 

Learn how you can improve your personal style at home even when you’re not headed out the door.

Grow a Beard 

One of the hardest parts about growing a beard is getting over the awkward phase that usually lasts from week two to week three.

Now that you are stuck at home, let your facial hair grow out for at least a month to see what you are working with.

Man with stubble beard grown from home

A well-groomed beard can instantly improve your overall style in a big way and with some beard oil, it can look, feel, and smell great.   

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Invest in Blue Light Glasses 

Glasses are another option to make yourself appear more attractive to others. However, you may not be someone who needs to wear prescription glasses. 

glasses for men to help with blue screen

Nonetheless, you’re probably spending a lot of time playing video games or binge-watching TV shows while at home—these activities also mean more exposure to blue light. 

Not only can blue light blocking glasses protect your eyes, but they can also add a lot to your style.

Now you have the perfect excuse to get a pair of glasses.  

Grow Out Your Hair 

A problem many men are facing is not being able to get a regular haircut due to barbershops closing across the country. 

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A lot of men are either giving themselves bad haircuts or just shaving their hair off completely.

A third option you should consider is simply letting your hair grow out. One of the hardest things about growing our hair out is patience, but now have plenty of time. 

man with long grown hair

Let your hair go wild these next few months and see how it ends up. If you don’t like how it’s coming together once this is all over, you can just get a haircut, but a long hairstyle can look great on many guys.  

Add Athleisure to Your Wardrobe 

The final way you can find out how to improve your style at home is by experimenting with athleisure wear.

great men's joggers for working at home

During this time, you are going to want to reap the benefits of staying comfortable, but you can still look incredibly stylish with athleisure wear.

Instead of wearing traditional sweatpants, opt for joggers or pants with a taper. Not only will you be comfortable, but these pieces are versatile as well.

No Idea Where to Start When it Comes to Men’s Style?

Don’t worry, we got you.

As we learn to live with social distancing, working from home and using our homes as one giant multi-purpose room, it can take its toll.

We thought it might be helpful to create a quick list of items that would better help you cope.

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Stay well and be safe.

-The Team at MAN’edged Magazine