Here’s the Editor’s Pick Roundup That’ll Help Get You Out of Your WFH Rut

Tired of feeling like a bum in your PJs?

We totally get it.

Working from home has a ton of perks, right?

From easy commutes to your at-home work station to not having to wear pants. Working from home totally rocks.

laptop on couch

That is until you realize that you haven’t actually tried to like…look your best.

We’re firm believers that you feel the way you dress.

If you’re the type of guy who dresses up only to impress others, you might find yourself only wearing those old ratty sweats every day as you shelter in place.

Now, we’re not saying that you can’t have a few days where you totally veg out.

After a while though, this can get old.

How to get out of the WFH rut

If you ask someone who has been working from home for a while, they’ll probably tell you that it does come with some downfalls too.

For example, you know that huge presentation that you’re supposed to be working on? Isn’t it interesting that you keep finding yourself washing your dishes or tinkering with that at-home project?

Oftentimes, when people are forced to work from home, some of their personal chores beg for their attention and it can be hard to manage the needs of work and life.

What is the WFH rut

What is it?

It’s when you feel like you just lack motivation and self-worth.

It’s when you can seem to focus and can’t find the energy you had like when you worked in the office.

How to overcome the WFH Rut

First, you want to make sure you are indeed in a little rut versus something more serious like experiencing depression. If that’s the case we’d point you over to our article here that highlights our top depression/anxiety helping apps to get your mental game in check.

Second, we’re also huge fans of staying in shape and receiving all the benefits associated with fitness. Check out our article that highlights some easy ways to help keep you fit and get beach-ready.

What’s the major thing you can do today to get out of this rut?

Dress the way you want to feel


You feel the way you dress.

Of course, we’re not saying that you should only find value in yourself by buying material items. We’re saying that one of the first and actionable steps you can take in taking pride in yourself, is dressing up.

Today, we’re bringing you several easy to wear items that if worn and are integrated into your wardrobe could help you get out of that rut. These items might help you jumpstart your energy and vibe to feeling good.

Here’s Editor’s Picks May 2020 – WFH Edition

The Easy-to-Wear and Stylish Face Mask

Official Face Mask $10

Looking for a stylish face mask that’ll help your style pop? This mask by Official will do just the trick. Its lightweight material is perfect for when you’re outdoors riding your bike or running. The ear loops are extremely comfortable and you can easily chat on the phone while you’re running your errands. This is our new favorite face mask to ensure we’re being safe when we can’t properly socially distance.

The Running Shoes That’ll Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine

Under Armour Hovr Phantom Men’s Running Shoes via $140

Since gyms are closed some of us might be headed outdoors to enjoy a run. If you do fancy yourself a run, then you’re going to need a solid pair of running shoes to support your outdoor fitness activities. Check out these fantastic running shoes by Under Armour that are available from They offer remarkable comfort for your foot by absorbing the impact caused from running on hard surfaces and the upper knit opening feels snug. One small but important detail is that the shoes have a non-removable sole which can sometimes become loosened after running in other shoes. These kicks are our new running companions.

The Collapsible Sunglasses

The Earnhart Men’s Gold Sunglasses $175

As we learn to navigate constantly wearing a facemask, it has become increasingly harder to wear sunglasses because they tend to fog up due to our breathing. So, if we do want to wear sunglasses, we have to then lug our normal sunglasses along with us for the moments that we can safely remove our facemasks and an rock our sunnies. Then we found these. Not only are they super stylish, but they’re collapsible. Yes, collapsible. They literally fold up into a small pocket-size. Perfect for those moments when you do decide to safely remove your face mask and rock your shades.

The Best Work Desk No Matter Where You’re Stationed

The Easy Desk $40 via

Working from home can be a huge pain especially if you don’t have much room to install a totally new desk area. Even if you do have a dedicated workspace, bringing home your office work can take its toll on your home office space. Now, insert this easy desk. This adjustable laptop desk is perfect for freeing up desk space and allows you the ability to work from anywhere in your home. The customizable desk height also helps save yourself from pain/discomfort from neck and back pain. This has been a game-changer.

The Shorts That Show Off Them Man-Gams

No Boundaries Men’s Jogger Shorts via $10

Looking for some cool new warm weather gear, but don’t feel like spending an arm and a leg? Do you also enjoy fitness and as a result have some thiccc legs? Great. You’re going to dig these shorts. Their fit is beyond amazing for guys that have some thigh muscle, but the top elastic band provides a great slim style so there is no gap on the waist. They have a ton of colors available and we truly believe that you should check out this new private label brand, No Boundaries.

Warm weather is here to stay – have you protected your skin from burning to a crisp?

Yeah, man.

The sun does some crazy damage to our skin. Oftentimes, by the time we realize we should’ve taken some preventative measures when we’re older, it’s too late.


Sunblock is such a necessary step to helping you preserve that youthful skin. Sure, you could just shrug it off because it seems like too much work, but do you really want to look back when you’re older wishing you would’ve taken the proper skincare steps?

If you’re opposed to it, so be it. Good luck.

If you’re like yes! Please keep me looking youthful forever then you’re going to want to check out our article where we help you uncover the best sunblocks to keep your protected no matter the weather.

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Stay healthy and safe.

-The Team at MAN’edged Magazien