The valuable Jean Shop interview that’ll actually help your style is here

MAN’edged Mag: Where do you get your design inspiration?

GOLDSTEIN: “Simple classic stuff. Honestly, I don’t shop other brands or anything like that. Never. It’s really classic. I like simple things. I like things that you’re going to want to wear now and you’re going to want to wear 2-5 years from now. Not something you’re going to put on now and say ‘what the hell was I thinking’. That doesn’t work for us. We’re not a fashion brand.”

MAN’edged Mag: What’s the main feedback that your customers share?

GOLDSTEIN: “We have a cool following. They love the product. They love the brand. They love the image of the brand. The feel of the brand….”

MAN’edged Mag: But, why do they love it?

GOLDSTEIN: “It’s a little bit of everything. It’s how we built the brand and the ‘aura’ around the brand. It’s the quality of the product that everyone loves. It’s the ‘make them feel good’ when they come into the store. Shopping in a store is like an event. You have people land from Japan or something and they come here before they go to the airport or hotel because they can’t wait to see it. It’s got the vibe of being in a denim Mecca.”

Eric Goldstein talking to tourist outside of Jean Shop NYCEric and tourist chatting outside of Jean Shop NYC. Image via @AmyTorres

MAN’edged Mag: Do you often find people have misconceptions about having your own menswear brand?

GOLDSTEIN: “I think they might think it’s a lot easier than it really is.”

MAN’edged Mag: What project or work have you accomplished that you are most proud of?

GOLDSTEIN: “This (Jean Shop).”

MAN’edged Mag: Why?

GOLDSTEIN: “Because it’s 13 years and we built a brand that’s around the world. Without a doubt, (we) definitely had an impact on this industry. That’s what I love doing. It’s a tremendous amount of hard work, but it’s pretty cool. We’re literally selling in China, Japan, and Hong Kong. We’ve built a brand that people recognize throughout the world. We did it with a really, really small but talented team. I couldn’t have done this alone. It’s all about the team and people you do it with. That’s what I’m proud of.”

MAN’edged Mag: What are 3 style tips that will help our readers step-up their denim style game?

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