The valuable Jean Shop interview that’ll actually help your style is here

  • Keep it simple.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Denim and leather.

GOLDSTEIN: “You don’t have to over exaggerate or try too hard. That’s really what I’m all about. That’s what Jean Shop is all about.”

MAN’edged Mag: Some guys say that it can be challenging to walk into a store and buy something that fits their personal style. What does personal style mean to you and what other insight/advice would you give?

GOLDSTEIN: “It’s just the way I’ve been dressing. It’s an attitude. It kind of shows what you’re about. I tend to dress in a uniform, which is a jean and shirt.”

MAN’edged Mag: Did you ever feel like you had to adapt to the popular style at any given time?

GOLDSTEIN: “No. You gotta have your own personality. I do what I want to do. Wear jeans where people say don’t wear jeans and it is what it is. Know what I mean?”

MAN’edged Mag: Are there any last points or things you would like to say to give our audience an “edge” in their personal style?

GOLDSTEIN: “I would say buy a pair of raw jeans and wear the hell out of them. Don’t baby them. Wear them. Don’t wash them too often. They’ll turn into your favorite jeans. That’s what I think guys should be doing. Invest in that pair of jeans and wear them often. They’ll last for a really long time. It’ll turn into your favorite jean that cannot be duplicated and fit you like no other jean you’ve ever had.”

Eric Goldstein standing in front of Jean Shop SOHO location New York City

Photo shown sourced courtesy of Amy Torres @treeeyes

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